El Paso Conference Table

Barracuda Public Relations reached out to us to build a conference table for their new office space. But this wasn’t just any old conference table. This one would be uniquely “El Paso”. Partnering with local artist Grave, we used his vectorized artwork and applied machining tool paths to it. Using our 5x10 foot CNC router, we carved his artwork into the tabletop with pinpoint accuracy. After the dust settled, we mixed up eight gallons of tinted epoxy and started pouring, filling in the holes to bring it back to flush. Our partners at Black Knuckle Metals fabricated a beautiful table base which was powder coated by our friends at Rio Grande Shovelheads. In the end, we are proud to call this one of our masterpieces. Here’s what Barracuda owner Marina Monsisvais had to say about it: “The guys at Compound do fantastic work. So grateful for their talents, attention to detail and openness to creating anything! I called them with a concept and they made it come to life. We love our gorgeous, one of a kind conference table. These guys can make ANYTHING!”