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Compound Design is a fully outfitted carpentry and fabrication shop in El Paso, Texas. We have the standard carpentry equipment you’d expect in a shop (table saw, jointer, shaper, etc.) but with the added capability of a 5 ft. x 10 ft. CNC router. For projects requiring metal fabrication we also have access to a 5 ft. x 10 ft. CNC Plasma Cutter through our on-premises partner Black Knuckle Metals. We are able to use existing designs or create new ones that will allow us to fulfill our clients needs quickly and accurately while reducing waste. We are fully capable of completing almost any task, big or small.



With a broad range of design and fabrication capabilities we can deliver on a wide variety of projects. 

  • Prototype & Design 

  • Fabrication

  • CNC Millwork

            -Flow-through fixturing on 5x10 foot table

            -Auto Tool Change






  • Fully outfitted carpentry shop

Franklin mountains - 3d carving in pine

El Paso's Franklin Mountain range sits inside Franklin Mountains State Park, which is the largest urban state park in the contiguous United States. All El Pasoans hold the mountain range and its many natural and man-made features close to their hearts. From the thunderbird to the star, Crazy Cat to Wyler Aerial Tramway, our mountain is like none other, and we are proud of it. That's why, when we were brainstorming ideas for how to show off our CNC machinery during our Open House party in April of 2017, the idea of creating a 3D scale model of our mountain range was a no-brainer. Using data from the United States Geological Survey, we programmed the router to carve the mountain range and surrounding terrain to an accuracy of three meters. The results were breathtaking. This carving has dimensions of 24" by 48" with a total difference in elevation of 3.5 inches and is framed with a Curly Maple border. 


Custom beer flight boards - Deadbeach brewery

Any self-respecting town with over 100,000 residents has at least a few local breweries. El Paso is no exception, and Deadbeach Brewery is one of our favorites. The folks at Deadbeach commissioned us to design an updated beer flight board. They loved it and ordered 20 of them. The design features their trademark sprocketed "DB" logo with additional sprockets around each glass holder. Carved out of Red Oak using CNC. Why don't you head down there this weekend and order a flight so you can check these out for yourself? Cheers to local beer!

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Compound Case

Custom road case design and fabrication for A/V production, IT, firearms, fine Art, etc


Black knuckle Metals

Full-service metal fabrication shop including 5x10 foot CNC Plasma Cutter


Keep Austin Country

Keep Austin Country aims to provide a community where we can support and preserve both kinds of music: Country and Western. The roots of the Live Music Capital of the World are embedded in the boots and twang of Texas country and we want to see that continue to thrive!